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Beaverton Storage

If you're just moving to the Beaverton area, welcome! Chances are you have found us because you have found yourself in need of a little extra room or need storage to temporarily accommodate your belongings while you look for your new home. A storage unit rental is great way to ease your mind during a transitional period and if you need a quality Beaverton storage experience, you've come to the right place! We have everything from small storage units to keep a few extra items in, to the very large in case you need to store the contents of a house or apartment.
If you need some help finding out what's happening in Beaverton, check out the City of Beaverton website to get you up to speed and connect with local events in the heart of the Tualatin Valley. The Beaverton Area Chamber of Commerce is also an excellent resource for those just relocating to Beaverton.
We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to storage in the Beaverton area but we think you'll find that West Coast Self-Storage of Beaverton is more than just your average storage facility. Customer care is our number one concern and we go the extra mile to ensure you get a storage rental that fits your needs and you can feel good about.

Self Storage Beaverton, OR Tips

When you're planning your move, there are certainly a lot of wheels in motion and it's easy to overlook even the most obvious plans. Self storage can really come in handy if you're downsizing from your current living situation and don't necessarily want to sell or give away furniture or items that you may need in the future. Even a small storage storage unit can accommodate an extra sofa or appliance along with some other boxed items such as holiday decorations and seasonal clothing.
Something to keep in mind when trying to determine the best self storage options is that the average ceiling height of our storage units is approximately 7', this gives you a lot of stacking space for boxes and allows you to stand longer items like a sofa upright to get more floor space in the storage unit.